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S O P H I A   S T O N E

Burn the name Sophia Stone into your mind, for you will never forget it. As a natural-born dominant, I live my life easily intimidating the weak-minded and passive. Men and women fall under my piercing gaze while I walk by with a perfectly straight back and chin held high. Do not misunderstand, it is not is the utmost confidence I have in my control over people and situations. 


I am the modern-day Seductress, the Femme Fatale you fear and desire and the Alpha Goddess of your dreams. 


Early on I realized the power I held over people. Often times I heard the word: "intimidating". While friendly in a southern, well-heeled manner, I demand only the best. Not just from myself, but from everyone around me. I will push myself and everyone around me to achieve their goals and then push even more. I have no time for the lazy, the weak, the meek. For me being strong, independent and powerful is second nature. 


You are either here to be a vehicle for my success or a tool to fulfill my happiness and comfort. There is no in between. I demand loyal devotion as I am allowing you the very privileged opportunity to serve Me. 


My appetite for life is all-encompassing. I fearlessly devour wallets, weak minds and pitiful men. My drive is unlimited and I demand that my slaves sacrifice their own needs and desires in order to worship and serve me at the highest level they can afford. When you crave me and my attention, you will find it is the ultimate rabbit hole...and one without end. 

I am the true embodiment of feminine dominance, power and grace. I am above all. You would do well to keep this in mind when approaching a superior being such as me. Remember your station in life and proceed thusly - in supplication.


Understand also there are countless beta boys, submissives and slaves vying for my attention. You are a nameless, faceless noise among the clamoring throng. To rise above the slobbering masses and the deafening din, do your best to prick my ear and differentiate yourself. My gaze may fall upon you still.

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